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*Effective 3/1/2023, pricing will be as follows:

At Our Facility:

  • Single Session - $130

  • 4 Pack - $440

  • 10 Pack - $1000

  • Monthly Membership - $110


In Your Home:

  • Single Session - $250

  • 4 Pack - $800

  • 10 Pack - $2000

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— Name, Title

"In 2018, I had a Traumatic Brain Injury where I had to have an emergency craniotomy.  Since then I have been dealing with chronic migraines., daily headaches and a strong constant pain in the skull and injury area.

I started seeing Henry, and in three months I have noticed more positive changes than I had over the previous two years.  I have notices a large drop in the number of migraines, less daily headaches and the constant pain in my skull has begun to settle.  He also addressed issue in the body that I had been unaware of but were also a result of the injury.  I have noticed a lot less pain and stress all over the body.  i feel I am able to move around more freely, sleep better, and live a lot more comfortably  I am looking forward to what is to come.

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